Zoning fee, betterment levies, and reduction of the real property value

– offer for real property owners

Our professional services related to the zoning fee and betterment levies often lead to a considerable reduction of required fees or their cancellation. Under the Law on Planning and Spatial Development, it is possible to obtain compensation for the reduction of the real property value resulting from the change in or enactment of the zoning plan.


Analysis of adjacent areas – motion for the planning permit

– offer for the real property owners

When taking a decision on the purchase of an investment real property, a potential investor never compares real properties taking the price of a square meter of the plot as the criterion. Such investor carries out a number of analyses to calculate the maximum PUM (PU), i.e. the maximum service and residential (service) area of the development that can be constructed on a given plot of land. Then, based on the business plan he evaluates what percentage of the total value of PUM is made up by the value of the land.


Analysis of the possible hotel locations for Euro 2012 Football Championship

–multimedia presentation upon the order of the City of Warsaw

On the turn of 2007/2008, upon the order of the City of Warsaw, our company prepared a multimedia presentation (three editions) for international fair, providing for 115 potential locations of hotels, congress centers and motels in the area of the City of Warsaw.